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The Art of Tea - Anti-Inflammatory, Detoxifying, Antioxidant-Rich

The Art of Tea – Anti-Inflammatory, Antioxidant-Rich, Detoxifying and Delicious

I’m showing my age here, but one of my favorite CDs of all time is by Michael Franks, The Art of Tea.  Ironic since I’ve always been a coffee girl.   I’ve tried many times to give up coffee and drink tea instead.  Failed every single time.  I’ve tried relaxing with a cup of tea in […]

PALEO Recipe RoundUp - Winter Vegetables

PALEO Recipe RoundUp: Winter Vegetables

In my “In Harmony With Nature” series I talked about eating seasonally.  Well, here we are with one month left of Winter.  Hard to believe.  How have you been doing with the 15 Practices to Thrive in Winter?  My two favorite so far have been the hot baths and sitting by the fire.  I will […]

New Years Resolutions Chronic Illness 4 Things to Consider

New Year’s Resolutions & Chronic Illness: 4 Things to Consider

When you have Lyme, an autoimmune disease or any other chronic illness, there are some special things to consider when setting intentions and making resolutions for the New Year.  Here are four perspectives that have developed over the past 6 years that can help with setting empowering and realistic intentions.  What do you believe is […]

DIY Self-Care

The Power of DIY Self-Care: A Directory of Recipes & Treatments

We usually think of self-care as being the most difficult when we are healthy, super busy and firing on all cylinders.  When we are sick, however, it becomes even more difficult.  In addition to having our normal, everyday tasks to complete, we have the stress of doctor visits, uncertainty about the future, research into our […]

In Harmony With Nature - Winter Part 2

In Harmony with Nature: 15 Practices to Help You Thrive in Winter – Part 2

To heal and experience the best health and vitality possible, it is essential – not optional – to live in harmony with the natural world.  Why?  Because we are part of nature not separate from it, or worse, above it.  During the winter months, the natural flow of energy is inward, contemplative, still and deeply […]

In Harmony With Nature - Winter Pt 1

In Harmony with Nature: 15 Practices to Help You Thrive in Winter – Part 1

The Winter Solstice happens right as most people are busy shopping and preparing for holiday festivities. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, what may go unnoticed is that in nature, winter is a time of hibernation.  Being part of the natural world (much to some people’s surprise and dismay), we humans would do […]

Strategies for Recovering from Illness

10 Strategies for Recovering from Chronic Illness

Most of us were active and fully engaged with life when we got sick.  We didn’t know how to navigate the medical establishment, what kind of diet would help us heal, how to ask for help, or how to be sick in a “productive” way. Here are 10 of the many things I’ve learned during […]

Fruits and veggies 25 ways

25 Ways to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

 One of the keys to a successful transition to a real, whole foods healing diet is to trust the “crowding out” approach.  Back when I was just starting my own transition, I added lots and lots vegetables and fruit to my existing diet, flooding my nutrient-deficient body with micro-nutrients.  Lo and behold, I eventually got […]

In Harmony with Nature - Harnessing the Energy of Spring

In Harmony With Nature: Harnessing the Energy of Spring

Spring is a time for beginnings, new growth and creativity.  The energy is airy, light, uplifting and fresh.  Think of the image of “having a spring in your step” and mattress springs that bounce and keep you buoyant on the bed.  The flowers bloom, the trees bud and leave, the ground unthaws, the birds start […]

Label GMOs in Maryland

The Chronically Ill Have the Right to Know What is in Their Food

This week I wrote a guest post for the Nourishing Liberty blog on why Maryland should pass proposed legislation to label GMOs. As one of the 50 million Americans who suffers from an autoimmune disease, a process where the body attacks and destroys its own healthy tissue, I realize that is it time for food manufacturers […]

Ignore the experts

Ignore What the Experts Say About Going Gluten-Free

Yes, you read that right.  Don’t listen to what anyone tells you about gluten.  Why?  Because unless you listen to your own body, and care about what it is telling you about your health and well-being – you’ll never stay gluten-free even if it could save your life. That’s because being gluten-free is hard in […]

Paleo Recipe Roundup Chocolate

PALEO Recipe RoundUp – Chocolate!

Eating chocolate on Valentine’s Day has become a tradition for good reason. Modern science has linked the chemical phenylethylamine in chocolate to feelings of excitement, attraction and pleasure, and it produces many of the same feelings we have as when we fall in love.  No wonder some scientists call phenylethylamine the “love drug.” Phenylethylamine is […]

Mix and Match 3 Ingredient Paleo Pancakes

Mix & Match 3-Ingredient Paleo Pancakes

One of the main things I missed when I started the Paleo Diet in 2012 was a carby, bread-like food at breakfast.  I tried several grain-free bread and muffin recipes but they didn’t digest well.  Since healing my digestive system was one of the main reasons I went Paleo, this obviously defeated the purpose. Enter […]

Mix and Match Rice Recipes

Mix & Match Rice Recipes – Endless Possibilities!

After going on a strict Paleo diet in 2012, with mixed results, I started including white rice which is considered a “safe starch” by creators of the Perfect Health Diet.  I don’t believe for a second there is such a thing as one perfect diet that meets every person’s every health need, but white rice […]

Three Steps to Loving Green Juice

3 Steps Along the Path Towards Loving Green Juice

If you’ve never had green juice and want to start drinking it, you may want to take a step back and plan your strategy.  Like many things, it is an acquired taste, especially if your current diet doesn’t include as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you’d like.  And, even if you are already eating […]

How to Make the Best Green Smoothie EVER

How to Make the Best Green Smoothie EVER!

I’ve recently been phasing into The Wahl’s Protocol which calls for 9 cups of fruits and vegetables each day.  Yes, you read that right.  NINE!  It is designed to optimize the functioning of our mitochondria, a brilliant approach created by Dr. Terry Wahls, MD when she became wheelchair bound from Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  […]

Paleo Recipe Roundup Jan 18 2014

PALEO Recipe RoundUp – Over 25 of the Week’s Best

Here are over 25 of the best Paleo recipes featured this week.  In addition to main dishes, sides and desserts, I’ve included breakfast, appetizer, condiment and beverage recipes.  Many of these call for butter.  If you are sensitive to dairy, use ghee or clarified butter instead.  If you cannot tolerate those, depending on the use, […]

Weekly Paleo Recipe RoundUp Jan 11 2014

PALEO Recipe RoundUp – Over 25 of the Week’s Best

This is a new feature designed to bring to you, in one place, some of the best nutrient-dense recipes featured during the week.  It can be hard to keep up with all the amazing real food blogs out there, so this weekly feature will hopefully make it a little easier to find new ways to […]

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